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                                                                  The first AGV motorcycle safety
                                                                  helmet: leather and skin to
                                                                  start with.
                             1954                                 1956
                             The birth of the modern
                             Italian crash helmet made            The first fiberglass jet helmet.
                             of fiberglass.                       The legendary Renzo Pasolini
                                                                  was still using one in the
                                                                  early Seventies.
                             AGV became the first company         1960
                             to use a motorcycle race for         AGV became synonymous with
                             its advertising. Amisano had         safety for VIPs too. Marcello
                             banners hung around the most         Mastroianni, Formula 1 driver
                             photographed bends.                  in the Sixties film “A place for
                                                                  lovers” by De Sica.
                             1967                                 1969
                             The first contract with              The first full-face helmet worn
                             motorcycling’s World                 in an Italian race was an AGV
                             Champion Giacomo Agostini.           model, worn by Alberto Pagani.
                                                                  Then Ago started using one.

                             1972                                 1971-1973
                             The Imola 200. High speeds           AGV entered Formula 1 in the
                             from the brute power of              early seventies with Emerson
                             750cc. The best riders in the        Fittipaldi and Niki Lauda.
                             world. Short races to increase
                             the pace.
                             1976-1978                            AGV starts the “Mobile Clinic”
                             Barry Sheene and                     to treat riders at the site of
                             Kenny Roberts are                    motorcycle events in case
                             sponsored by AGV.                    of injury.

                             1993                                 Randy Mamola sponsored
                             Wayne Rainey sponsored               by AGV.
                             by AGV.
                             2007                                 Valentino Rossi has been racing
                             AGV becomes part of Dainese.         in an AGV since 1996, the year of
                             Two leading companies in the         his first 125 World Championship
                             safety market together.              race and first victory.
                             2014                                 2011
                             The Pista GP is awarded with         A revolution in helmet design
                             5 Sharp Stars and confirmed          that achieves tangible and
                             as one of the safest helmets in      measurable improvements in:
                             the world.                           protection, comfort, field of
                             2015                                 vision and aerodynamics.
                             The AGV Extreme Standards
                             introduced.                          2016
                             2017                                 The 2016 season marks a special
                             AGV celebrates its 70th              milestone for AGV and Valentino
                                                                  who has been racing wearing
                                                                  AGV helmets for 20 years.
                             2018                                 2019
                             The SportModular helmet is
                             born: the performance of a full      AGV launch 3 new helmet lines;
                             face, the comfort of a modular.      AX9, K-1 and Orbyt.
                             Entirely built in Carbon Fiber.
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