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                                    EXTREME STANDARDS

                                                                     IMPACT PROTECTION

                                                                 The Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis
          REVOLUTIONISES                                         makes it possible to perform crash
          HELMET SHAPE DESIGN                                    test and helmet strength simulations
                                                                 before making the physical moulds.
                                                                 This sophisticated method enables us to
          The design process starts                              achieve a helmet that is light and compact,
          from the rider’s head                                  yet simultaneously offers outstanding
                                                                 impact absorption, with safety margins
          which is very accurately                               that comfortably exceed the requirements
          measured using a series of                             of the homologations standard.
          anthropometric parameters                            PRO TEC TION  COMPACT DESIGN
          and laser scans.                                       A helmet that sits properly on the rider’s
                                                                 head without being too tight, with an
                                                                 efficient but quiet ventilation system is a
                                                                 safer helmet as it allows the rider to focus
                                                                 his concentration on riding the bike.
          OUTSTANDING                                                FIELD OF VISION
                                                                 The shape and size of the visor
          Exceeds the requirements                               perfectly match performance and
                                                                 ergonomic requirements.
          of the most severe
          protection standards,                                      AERODYNAMICS
          proven in Finite Elements                              The aerodynamics have been validated
          Method virtual crash tests                             using wind tunnel testing and it is
                                                                 optimised using dedicated Computational
          (FEM) and laboratory tests.                            Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software.
                                                               PERF ORMANCE  In accordance with the principles of the

                                                                 AGV Extreme Standards, the components
          NEW STANDARDS OF                                       of the helmet have been designed to
          COMFORT                                                ensure the required performance levels,   Carbon fibre
                                                                 whilst reducing the weight as much as
          Sets new standards of                                  possible. The whole helmet is light and
                                                                 highly shock resistant. The optimisation of
          comfort and fit following                              the weight reduces muscle fatigue in the
                                                                 neck region, and ensures that the rider
          extensive wind tunnel, static                          remains concentrated, relaxed and safe
          and dynamic tests.                                     while riding, both on the track and on the
                                                                 The ventilation system - designed using
          EXTREME STANDARDS                                      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) -
                                                                 features ducts incorporated directly in
          TRIED & TESTED                                         the outer shell to provide more effective
                                                                 airflow inside the helmet and achieve
          Tried and tested to                                  COMF ORT  superior aerodynamic performance.
          extremes in the lab, on the                                ERGONOMICS
          track and on the road.
                                                                 Comfort is safety. The AGV EXTREME
                                                                 Standards process revolutionises the
                                                                 normal helmet design process which
                                                                 works from the outside in i.e., from the
                                                                 shell to the internal components.
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